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A: Crude and Product Survey


Since the establishment of the company, we have carried out cargo surveys for a number of remarkable companies namely :

Inspection of Condensate cargoes which were loaded at Bandar Taheri for delivering to vessels at Fujairah and Insured by Iranian Sina Insurance Company were also inspected by Pessanj Company.

Also, we did the inspections of product cargoes (i.e. Motor Gasoline, Kerosene, Gas Oil and Fuel Oil) loading at Azarbaijan and Turkmenistan ports and discharged at Iranian North ports (Bandar Anzali, Bandar Nowshahr and Bandar Neka) for NIOC Product Marketing and Operation Division and State Oil Co. of Azarbaijan republic (Socar) and for various private companies who transit the product cargoes via Iranian ports.

The Turkministan Cheleken crude oil which was loaded from Aladja Turkmenistan on Swap basis and discharged at Bandar Neka Iran was surveyed by our company for Tampimax/Hibernian companies on behalf of Petrak Group U.K.

The LPG cargoes which were imported from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan by NIOC and private companies for internal use in Iran were also surveyed by our company.

Also, we were doing business with Messrs Laroute SA of Zug Switzerland.

Also, we have been appointed by Laroute SA, to witness the analysis (Pour point, etc) of crude oil cargo discharged at B. Neka by crude oil Swappers ie, Unioil AG, Burren Energy, Dragon Oil, Munai Impex, BP. at north ports terminals.

Also, the crude and product cargoes which were insured by Iranian and foreign insurer companies were surveyed by Pessanj Company.

B: Calibration of storage tanks and preparation of relevant tables for: